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Ceremonies and Celebrations is, "Compulsively readable." (Writer's Digest)

"Robert Luis Rabello is a God-gifted writer, people!" (Janie Squier, reviewing "Four Days to Freedom")

"Expect to deeply know the characters as they explore romance, family ties, and friendships in this book that will keep you turning page after page through the twists and turns of their crises." (Lisa Stevens, reviewing "Crisis")

"A truly incredible first novel." (Dan Stormont, reviewing "The Edge of Justice")

Brenna Velez meets a squad of Azgar soldiers in The Edge of Justice.

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Dreams and Missions

The fifth book of the Deveran Conflict Series is now available!

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When the Azgaril Northern Liberation Army invades the tiny nation of Tamaria, Centurion Dathan Herulus struggles to harmonize his orders with his conscience. As the Azgaril army marches northward, Garrick Ravenwood, a young Tamarian soldier with a troubled past, meets Brenna Velez, a Lithian warlord's daughter who has fled the destruction of her homeland. Their meeting leads to love, and their courage helps Tamaria resist the might of the invading force.

As a brutal civil war encroaches on the Tamarian border, Garrick Ravenwood undertakes officer training in preparation to stop the humanitarian crisis. Brenna Velez, the girl he loves, worries that the strife in Kameron will destroy her family, their exile estate and their high-tech light forges. Meanwhile Garrick's younger brother, Algernon, travels into the war zone to find and rescue his wayward twin sister.

In late autumn, Algernon Ravenwood struggles to finish a home he can share with his twin sister, Kira, on Superstition Mesa. To his dismay, the young monk discovers giants living nearby. Kira suffers a lingering, secret malaise. As her past haunts her present, can she find hope for the future? Garrick, their brother, faces defeat as a combat leader in Kameron and struggles with dissent within his ranks, while his beloved Brenna is taken captive by Kamerese rebels. Will she seek revenge for her mistreatment when she escapes, or can Brenna find the courage and grace to forgive?

Cassie Velez and her fiancee, Jared Hohner--uneasy guests of King Alejo at his palace in Kameron City--witness rioting and intrigue as they advocate for a peaceful resolution to Kameron's political problems. Kira and Algernon Ravenwood begin ministering to exploited women in Tamaria's capital, coping with mistrust and outright hostility. Garrick worries that his fiancee, Brenna Velez, is suffering from mental illness in the days leading up to their long-anticipated wedding. Can he accept her faith and love her while she struggles against spiritual forces he can neither see nor understand?

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These are shorter, stand-alone stories that provide background for the novels. These e-books are an excellent introduction for new readers. They're available in Kindle format on Amazon (click on a book cover to go to its Kindle page), or in multiple formats (click the title in the description to go to its Smashwords page) if you don't own a Kindle.

The Girl in the Game: Fourth year seminary student Lynden Velez has a fateful encounter with the star center of Sacred Vimlitia during a school-sponsored lacrosse tournament. Who is the girl? Why is she playing men's lacrosse? How can Lynden get to know her when she won't talk to him?

Four Days to Freedom: Amid an insurgency spreading through the ancient city of Abelscinnia, paramilitary police detectives investigate the highly suspicious activities of a wealthy businessman named Tegene, son of Asabi. Why is he buying weapons and heavy equipment? Is Tegene planning to overthrow the government, or does he have something else in mind?

The Hollow Solitude: Of all the creatures who live in the upland forest, the winged gwynling are the most beautiful, intelligent and endangered. What will happen when Jhiran Vell finds herself trapped on a gunboat with smugglers? Will her wits be enough to preserve her life?

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